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We integrate the medical community by offering a multidisciplinary international dissemination platform, including representation of important international leaders, and prestigious organizations, institutions and health centers from around the globe.


We are a non for profit organization with the main purpose of providing healthcare professionals (doctors, residents, nurses, technicians and students) academic / educational tools, through different platforms and communication channels in multiple disciplines and specialties.


Dr. Jose Antonio Posada - INCan Ciudad de México, México

Interview to Dr. Jose Antonio Posada (Congreso en Cáncer en la mujer) held in Mexico City in July of this year. Dr. Posada is a Surgeon from the National Institute of Cancerology (INCan), specialized in Robotic Surgery and Oncological Surgery.

Lacort Medical Education commitment to cancer education in Latin America


Lacort Medical Education is committed to the development of important academic activities in Latin America. Integrating the medical community it offers a multidisciplinary international dissemination platform, including representation of important international leaders, prestigious organizations, institutions, and health centers from around the globe.

“In conjunction with Lacort Medical, our main purpose is to provide health professionals (doctors, residents, nurses, technicians, and students) with academic/educational tools, through different platforms and communication channels”.

The implementation of international congresses, courses, scientific symposia, workshops, digital libraries, and educational projects in different pathologies aims to achieve and improve the professional development of the Latin American medical community.

In what will undoubtedly be one of the most comprehensive initiatives within the region aiding the fight against cancer, Lacort Medical Education is pleased to announce the development of 12 international congresses in the following regions for 2019:

Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Mexico, El Salvador, Argentina, Uruguay.

This initiative will be supported by over 60 of the most influential academic associations in the region.

Through these conferences, Lacort Medical Education will foster the enrollment of over 5,000 delegates from a large variety of disciplines, all of which will be granted complimentary entrance scholarships.

Lacort Medical Education will engage the medical community with over 490 Keynote presentations, and lectures, specializing in topics covering the most recent advances in the following subjects in Oncology and Radiotherapy: breast, lung, gynecology, melanoma, hematology, colon, prostate, Gastro and rectum, head and neck, and current trends and challenges in the Diagnosis, treatment, and management of all cancer types.

These assemblies, comprised of over 370 medical experts, will also be accompanied with parallel sessions in Proton Therapy, Immunotherapy and genetics, creating a rewarding and fruitful environment for medical researchers.

In addition to this, a large number of our conferences are created with a focus on oncological pathologies targeting the female communities. These sessions will be championed by pioneering specialists in this field, presenting novel treatment strategies within the Latin American community.